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Adopt-a-plant (Platycerium grande) – fertilization February 17, 2006

Posted by flutterby in Plant Bio, Species.

Platycerium grande has 2 spore patches on the underside of EACH fertile frond. One set of fertile fronds is produced each year between mid-summer and late fall. The spore patches are not developed at this time, but will develop mid- to late-winter; they will actually turn brown and rippen in late summer. These fronds will now die as the new fertile fronds are developing. On the spore patches are the actual spores, which resemble dust. These are capable of floating to a new site to be germinated.


Staghorn ferns as epiphytes



1. Jerry - February 13, 2007

When spore are ready, could I share from you? I wish I could find spore of P.grandae some day and I could send you my P.ridleyii.I live in BKK, Thailand.

I would like to learn how to germinate my thousand baby grandaes by my hands.

2. Ray - March 12, 2007

Are you able to provide/swap any types of Platycerium sp/cv
Please advise
I am the Treasurer and Minute Secretary of the
Fern Society of South Australia.

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